« Unique places, exclusive surroundings, exceptional architecture »

PERMIS DE CONSTRUIRE is a designer and developer of places for living.

We are dedicated to finding land or buildings with high potential in order to create harmonious internal and external spaces which also respond to their environment.

At PERMIS DE CONSTRUIRE, we enjoy dreaming up construction or renovation projects and entrusting their completion to talented experts.

Though each place may be different, our high standards never change. Nothing is left to chance: we select premium materials and equipment, we see to every architectural and decorative detail and we design furniture to optimize each space.

Our inspiration draws on the contemporary world, but we are deeply committed to preserving a sense of comfort. Our DNA is grounded in relaxed elegance, restrained luxury and sleek warmth, with a blend of tradition and high-tech.

The whole of our work can be translated into the art of living. The places created by PERMIS DE CONSTRUIRE become personal havens, where clients can experience moments of closeness and companionship.